• We have one Hurco CNC Vertical Mill. The capacity is 24.00” x axis, 14.00” y axis, and 5.00” z axis.
  •  We have (3) manual Bridgeport Vertical Mills. The capacity is 48.00” x 9.00” table.
  • We have (2) manual Lucas Horizontal Boring Mills.

These mills have a 4.00” diameter spindle with a 48.00” x 72.00” table and a 5 ft. vertical travel and a 6 ft. cross travel.
All of these mills are used for milling, boring, drilling, and tapping.


We have (2) manual Planers. One has a table size of 72.00” wide x 14 ft. long and the other has a table size of 60.00” wide x 24 ft. long.



Turning, Boring, & Threading

  • We have (6) manual Horizontal Lathes.
  • We can chuck up to 35.00” diameter (24.00” diameter over carriage) x 17 ft. between centers.
  • We have (2) manual Vertical Lathes.
  • We can swing 77.00” diameter and have 50.00” vertical clearance.


We have the ability to mig, tig, and arc weld (mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum).

Broken Drill & Tap Removal

We have an Elox Machine that will burn out broken drills and taps up to .500” in diameter.




We build weldments per prints and sketches.

Drilling & Tapping

This operation can be done on our drill presses, lathes, mills, or portable tapping arm.


We are able to saw a piece of material up to 20.50” tall x 18” deep. We can also tilt the blade to make an angle saw cut.



Vibratory Stress Relieving

We have a Meta-Lax stress relieving  machine. This is used to stabilize parts or weldments prior to machining.
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